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Dukascopy.TV main facts

since 2008
Swiss TV license
Global TV studios
80 daily reports
30 million monthly

Dukascopy tv - infinite broadcasting

Dukascopy TV was founded in 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland by Swiss Forex Bank Dukascopy. From the very beginning, its focus has been the same: to provide Forex traders with valuable market insights.

Dukascopy Bank strongly believes effective regulation is the cornerstone of the financial sector. Dukascopy TV shares this belief, so it acquired an official Swiss TV licence soon after the launch.

Having started as a small team of people, Dukascopy TV has grown to be a truly global project with locations in Geneva, Shanghai, Riga, and Kiev. Our newest location is Tokyo, which is to open shortly. On-the-ground reporters provide coverage from Sydney, Moscow, and Sao Paulo. As an international TV station, we speak eight different languages – English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Our international team of journalists, video producers, and graphic designers produces approximately 80 reports on a daily basis. They range from purely technical Forex bulletins all the way to interviews with financial experts, celebrities and fashion icons.

Our wide range of broadcasts brings the Dukascopy TV monthly view pool to a total of 30 000 000.