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Monday, August 21, 2017
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13:45 EUR/USD
14:00 USD/JPY
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05:00 USD/JPY
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What is the impact on USD/JPY ?
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bibo avatar bibo 66 minutes ago
Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that Japan’s All Industries Activity Index rose to a seasonally adjusted 0.7%, from -0.4% in the preceding month whose figure was revised down from 0.1%. Analysts had expected Japan’s All Industries Activity Index to rise 0.6% last month.
sibga avatar sibga 1.5 hours ago
ImranMughal99 avatar ImranMughal99 1.5 hours ago
I expected high data near by -0.2% then bearish impact on USDJPY
A4YASIN avatar A4YASIN 2.5 hours ago
miriam1313 avatar miriam1313 yesterday at 23:25 GMT
El evento financiero analizado tendrá un impacto que hará que el yen japonés se deprecie con fuerza transcurridos unos minutos después de la comunicación oficial, entonces la consecuencia más inmediata será que el valor del par suba bruscamente. Consecuentemente mi voto para este evento financiero es bullish para este par USDJPY en estudio tras haber analizado los datos, bien por el pronóstico o bien por los datos del gráfico histórico.
independeceday32 avatar independeceday32 yesterday at 21:38 GMT
All Industry Activity Index, after a strong rise in June, the total value of goods and services purchased by companies has fallen in the last month, May -0.6%, June 2.1% and July -0.9%, this data Show us how the last month the value fell to negative territory and this can be negative for the Japanese economy, for this month is expected to rise to positive territory at 0.5% which is positive for the yen, I expect a bullish impact.
TatiUzi avatar TatiUzi yesterday at 21:05 GMT
bezdelnik avatar bezdelnik yesterday at 20:48 GMT
mixxor avatar mixxor yesterday at 20:16 GMT
Nomi avatar Nomi yesterday at 19:46 GMT