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rivan avatar rivan several minutes ago
jubz avatar jubz 18 minutes ago
Analysts forecast of 1.355 for new building permits falls at the top end of a scale of 1.30 - 1.35 since February 2017, with 1.40 in February 2018 being an outlyer. Since April 13 there has been a consistent upward trajectory of New home permits, starts and completion well in to April 2018 with New home permits always ahead of the three. I believe the actual should be inline with forecast or above and traders will use this to continue the current US strengthening being observed in the markets
elgin avatar elgin 37 minutes ago
DimaBLR avatar DimaBLR 39 minutes ago
yellownight avatar yellownight 49 minutes ago
One of the first monthly data by usa's housing market. This data have certain long-term bullish trend since 2010. This data likes to move in zigzag form, but obvious in increasing values. Previous release showed -1,8%m/m, but consensus for current release is -1.4%m/m. Despite, common trend is strongly bullish for many years, this time impact from news should be bearish.
MURO avatar MURO 57 minutes ago
Yonggi7 avatar Yonggi7 62 minutes ago
In United States, Building Permits is also a useful indicator. It helps us to measure the change in the number of new building permits issued by the government of this country. Last time, I saw that it was stand at 1.352M (As the actual). Now I think it shall be less than this. Normally, it a lower than expected reading is already presented, maybe another bearish trend shall be active for the USD.
NoWay avatar NoWay 75 minutes ago
US Building Permits reached a level of 1.36m annualized units in Apr’18 and are now expected to tick down to 1.35m.
Housing starts stood at 1.29m and are projected to advance to 1.31m in May’18. In order to have a meaningful reaction, both figures would need to go in the same direction and if they don’t they occasionally offset each other.
US housing sector is doing quite well though, with a steady level of 5.46m annualized units sold in Apr’18 and May’18 is expected to see 5.55m.
Freeze13EU avatar Freeze13EU 84 minutes ago
While the economy is performing quite well and unemployment is low, the consumer confidence slightly decreased during the May. The increasing interest rates are also not a good sight for development projects, since it will mean higher costs. I expect lower numbers and a weaker dollar.
vap61 avatar vap61 2 hours ago
Это отличный показатель будущей строительной деятельности, поскольку получение разрешения является одним из первых шагов в строительстве нового здания;